Friday, May 22, 2009

Shutter Creek is LIVE again...and neighbors

Shutter Creek Photography website re-launched!!!! After much angst and thrashing about, I finally settled in on my new and improved website's gallery names and which images to put in each gallery. After preparing the subsequent image folders for the various thumbnail sizes needed (oh about 50 million catrillion times with each change of mind), I finally presented my wonderful web guy, Todd Cecil of QuillPen design, the final image files needed to go live.

Other than a few minor glitches that we will address, the site is up and I'm so pleased. All the continual evolving was worth it for the final outcome. To celebrate, I enjoyed a cold beverage with my wonderful soon-to-be 78 years young neighbor across the street. I admire her greatly....and love to listen to her talk of her life's experiences while sipping something cold on her back deck. This is the lady who taught me how to make a pretty mean dirty martini...yes, lots to learn from this one!

Speaking of neighbors, I am just so blessed to be surrounded by immediate neighbors who each offer very "synchronistic" contributions to our lives. There's the lady across the street, whom I've just mentioned. To the right of her, also right across the street from us, is one of my son's best friends, our dog's best friend and a pretty neat friend of mine. She has had all the "official" photography training, unlike me, and as assisted me recently on a shoot. It's fun to have a photo buddy right across the street! To our right, I have a fabulous family of artists, a strong Verizon wireless connection for occasional "insider's" cellular help and a framer if you can believe it!!! When I need something framed, I walk across our driveways and drop it off....sweet! And to the left of us is the most fabulous couple and his 93 yr old Mother and they have totally adopted us. Through surgeries, a serious illness/death of a family member, for art exhibits and piano recitals.....they are always there to help and support and cheer us on. They are my son's surrogate grandparents and fill the gap for his own relatives who don't live nearby. It isn't Mayberry, but it doesn't get much better than this. If one of you is reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the special people that you are.

Okay, so go check out the new website and let me know what you think!!!

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