Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Summer/Christmas in July

July 3, where does the time go? Today has been busy and it's not even noon. I got up early this morning to photograph a dynamic speaker and wise counselor for a 7am shoot. Weather was completely fabulous...not a drop of rain in sight! This person hasn't had a headshot made in twenty years, and the last one was taken by her hubby, which she said more resembled a mug shot! She said she saw something in my work that made her feel like she actually wanted to pull the trigger and update her media image. None of us feel like our bodies, our faces, our "fill in the blank" are perfect...and then we get older to complicate matters even more! Never fear..there's always that "right" angle that shows our best side!!! I wanted to make her a badge of courage for conquering her fears and "whatevers" that made her avoid the camera for so long. She brought along her hair and makeup gal and we had a blast! I even showed her a few of the images on the LCD screen if she promised not to say anything mean about herself. I actually got a few "WOW'S" out of her!! She was obviously pleased and that makes me so happy. Now she will have an updated, professional image to project to the world and one she can also feel pretty darn proud of, as a woman!

After a brief stop at the grocery store, it was home again and then on to the next stop. I got to photograph this gorgeous strawberry blonde named Ginger! I don't think she's ever had a care in the world about her figure. I showed up with a handful of treats and we were best friends instantly. What a natural! She sat gracefully and let me snap away at her. Ginger even agreed to wear a pink tutu...though I'm not sure she really cared for it. This picture is of Ginger in another costume.....Christmas in July. Santa Ginger looks ready, doesn't she??!!

And I'm off again.......

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