Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reflections of Maximus

Late Wednesday, July 8, I had just returned from a wonderful trip to Boulder, CO to see family members and do some photography. I had never been to CO before and it was as beautiful as everyone had said. I especially loved the town of Boulder and having zero humidity!! I am anxious to get all the wonderful images downloaded to my computer and processed.

Sadly, on that next Thursday morning, a neighbor's pit bull/ boxer escaped from their back yard. The short story is I lost my 13 yr old cat, Maxey, whom I'd had for 11 years. I was also bitten by the dog 4 times in the process of rescuing my cat. At 12:50, the vet said Maxey was doing much better and would survive with some surgery. He unexpectedly passed away at 1:10 due to a complication from a blood clot. The vet notes say, "1:10pm. Faithful Friend. No return."

In honor of my faithful and loyal friend and family member, Maxey, I am posting this print entitled "Reflections of Maximus." He was the subject of countless photo ops. You are sadly missed and will never be forgotten!!!!

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